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What Is An Advice-Only Financial Planner?

Advice-Only financial planning is a fee-only model that serves clients without the expectation, obligation, or even the option to manage their investments.

Unlike old advisory models that serve clients seeking to delegate the management of their assets, advice-only financial planning prioritizes the advice itself (over sales or AUM) along with education to help clients and their families gain the understanding necessary to implement their financial plan on their own.

Most financial advisers are paid to manage their clients' investments or to sell them financial products. A small and growing type of Advice-Only Financial Planners, just gives advice. These Advice-Only Financial Planners charge by the hour or follow a subscription model, providing, say, several months of advice for a set fee.

While you’ll be responsible for implementing recommendations on your own, some Advice-Only Financial Planners offer technology and tools to make it easier for you to follow their guidance. Before hiring an Advice-Only Financial Planners, be sure to ask if they offer resources to help streamline your DIY efforts.

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